Coaching for Executive Parents

Maximizing Success, Fulfillment and Confidence for Parents of Children
with Needs

  • Do you have a child with behavioral, social, emotional, learning or medical needs?
  • Would you like to dramatically improve your effectiveness as a parent and your relationship with your child and family?
  • Do concerns about your child’s needs and your busy work schedule lead to stress, inefficiency, and relationship impact at work and home?
  • Are you seeking the skills and support to transform your parenting while flourishing at work, home and life?

“As your coach, I’m committed to providing the knowledge, skills and support to help you transform your life as a parent and in your career.”

Learn and Apply These Six Skills for Success:

  • Overcome stress and worries about your child to achieve your dreams for you and your child while preventing stress, guilt or inefficiency at work
  • Develop skills to improve your parenting effectiveness, fulfillment and confidence for children with needs
  • Transform your relationships with your child, family and co-workers
  • Achieve work-life balance in your busy career with the additional needs of your child and family
  • Enhance your leadership at work while applying these skills at home
  • Maximize your success, fulfillment, productivity and profits while achieving your dreams for your child and family

Coaching is Powerful

I draw on my extensive expertise as a child and family psychologist, school psychologist and executive coach to empower executive parents to transform their lives at home and work. Coaching, however, is NOT therapy. Utilizing a compassionate, confidential and solution-focused approach, I provide the knowledge, skills and support to empower you to apply your energy, values, leadership skills, and strengths to increase your happiness, fulfillment, and success as a parent and in your career.

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